Fort Brewerton Historical Society

The Fort Brewerton Historical Society was formed in 1965. Its goal was to collect, protect, and preserve local history. Spearheading the organization was Brewerton native, J. Elet Milton (May12, 1881 – December 2, 1968.) Milton renowned as the “Local Historian” was in part responsible for the preservation of the original earthworks of the 1759 British fortification, known as Fort Brewerton. In 1927, through Milton’s efforts the Fort Brewerton site was designated a National Historic Landmark.

In 1975 the now Fort Brewerton Historical Society purchased property adjacent to the historic Fort Brewerton site. Shortly after a campaign called “Logs for Oliver” began. Funds were raised for the reconstruction of the Oliver Stevens Blockhouse (AKA: “Second Fort Brewerton”) the results are what you see today. The original blockhouse served as a trading post and residence for the Oliver Stevens family.

The current blockhouse/museum opened its doors in 1976 in honor of the American Bicentennial Celebration.

Now more than ever, the Fort Brewerton Historical Society continues the mission of the original founders, to collect, preserver and enhance as well as educate the public about the area’s history.

The Oliver Stevens Blockhouse Museum is open the third Saturday of the month, during event’s or by appointment, please inquire! (Phone Number: 315-668-8801) Join us in keeping the legacy alive. ALL are WELCOME! Check out our Facebook page for updated events and information.