Fort Brewerton 

Native American occupied the surrounding territory of what is now known as Brewerton, NY. For thousands of years, local waterways were considered important east/west travel routes for the indigenous people. A set f rocky rapids across the river connected a well travelled Native-American footpath from Pennsylvania to Canada. 

This area was considered the “Prehistoric capitol of New York State.” A perfect position for a British fortification during the French and Indian Wars (1754-1763.)

Generously the Iroquois allowed the “Red Coats” to construct Fort Brewerton here, midway between Fort Stanwix (Rome, NY) and Fort Ontario (Oswego, NY.) 

Construction of the 100′ x 100′ 8 pointed star British fortress took approximately six weeks to complete. Included within its walls were four “L” Shaped blockhouses that accommodated approximately 130 soldiers and stores.