Oliver Stevens

First Permanent Settler Of Oswego County

Mr. Oliver Stevens originated from Connecticut with his wife Nancy and two children. Stevens settled at the fort in 1789. He cultivated a garden on the south side of the river, to which he removed in a few years, and died there in 1813. Mr. Stevens was encouraged to come to the area by his two brothers who had been soldiers garrison from 1756 to 1758 at Fort Brewerton. He carried on an extensive trade business at his trading post . Mr. Steven’s also kept a boatman’s tavern; furnishing supplies and other necessaries to those who navigated the waterways. Oliver Stevens became the first county clerk for the county of Oswego, travelling back and forth to Mexico to perform his duties. Mr. Stevens subsequently raised six children upstairs in the block house. His one son, John L. Stevens. Esquire became the first Judge in the town of Cicero.